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We Think Of Insurance as a Promise

Business and personal insurance update

Many people look at insurance as a commodity, like buying car or a piece of furniture. Consequently, they become caught up in searching for the lowest price for the “product of insurance.” Insurance is less of a commodity, and more of a promise or service.

Promise vs. product

Insurance is a promise from the insurer to cover your claim or loss per the terms of the policy. What many people fail to understand is that policies or “promises” differ from company to company. If you never have a claim, then you do not know if the insurer will live up to the promise you think they have made. However, if you do have a claim you want the promises kept.

That is where we come in. As an agent, we help you understand the promises made, and work with you to make sure the insurer fulfills all promises. We can also help you design a policy that fits your needs.

Here are few things to remember about insurance promises

Getting the right coverage is not the insurer’s responsibility--it is yours. You need to determine what limits, deductibles, and coverage you will need to cover your risk. As an agent, we can help you through that process.

  • You may need special or unique coverage like flood, boat, or umbrella coverage. We are here to help you evaluate your risk.

  • Insurance companies differ. We can show you how insurers differ in regards to product and services.

Whether you’ve just started a home-based business or your business is established and growing, Shepard Insurance Agency can help you protect your livelihood against the unexpected. We offer tailored programs for all types of businesses and professions in McAllen, TX, the entire Rio Grande Valley and the great State of Texas.

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