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Planning a Safe Family Vacation

We all want our family vacations to go perfectly, but even with the best intentions, things can happen. Ticket mishaps, delays, schedule changes, auto accidents, and more can cause your vacation to be ruined. Your personal insurance program can be expanded to include travel and accident insurance. Call our office for a free review.

Vacation Pre-Planning

A little work in advance can help reduce the likelihood of bad things happening on your vacation. Here are some things to consider before you leave home:

  • Make sure all your insurance is paid and up to date. Having your auto insurance lapse due to non-payment would not be a good thing while you are driving to Disneyworld.

  • Do not take all your credit cards with you. Take only the ones you will need.

  • Create an itinerary of where you are planning to be and on what date. Give this to a neighbor or relative.

  • Make copies of passports if traveling out of the country. Give a copy to a relative or friend.

  • Never wear anything that projects affluence (i.e. gold chains, expensive watches, rings, high-end luggage, or other paraphernalia). It is best to leave your expensive jewelry at home.

  • Never put your home address on your luggage tags. Write your phone number instead.

  • Wait until you get home to post your vacation pictures on social media. Facebook is a goldmine for burglars.

  • Always lock your car, and never leave anything of value inside.

  • Do not use wireless networks in cafes or coffee shops.

  • Be aware of animals. In some foreign countries, people will place a monkey on your shoulder and make you to pay to get it off!

  • You will need special auto insurance if you plan to drive into Mexico.

  • Separate your money so your spouse has a portion and you keep a portion.

  • Do you really want your first motorcycle ride to be in Mexico? Do not rent equipment or vehicles with which you are not familiar.

We offer commercial and personal insurance to ensure that you are protected from catastrophe. Our staff is dedicated to providing all of our clients with complete coverage at the best rates our companies can offer. Our years of experience and education allow us to guide our clients in making well-informed decisions regarding their insurance needs.

Shepard Insurance Agency understands that your property is a very important part of your life. In fact, the single biggest investment you may ever make is your home. Are you sure you have adequately protected your home and other properties?

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