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Texas Contractors Insurance

Contractors Need The Right Kind of Insurance

Texas Construction projects depend on the special talent and skills of artisan contractors. Artisan contractors are part of our thriving economy. Every Texas contractor, at some time, should have their business insurance reviewed by an independent insurance agent like Shepard Insurance Agency.

Who Are These Artisan Contractors?

Artisan contractors are usually small companies that offer specialty skills made up of one or more of the following:

  1. Landscaping

  2. Finish Carpentry

  3. Framing

  4. HVAC

  5. Plumbing

  6. Masonry

  7. Lighting

  8. Concert work

  9. And more

What Are The Risks Associated With Artisan Contractors?

Artisan contractors have many different risks that can be covered by commercial insurance:

  • Commercial Auto

  • Loss of equipment & tools

  • Commercial general liability

  • Professional liability

  • Workers” compensation

Our professionals work diligently to understand our client’s risks, goals, culture & vision in order to develop with you a risk management program to support your mission.

Whether you’ve just started a home-based business or your business is established and growing, Shepard Insurance Agency can help you protect your livelihood against the unexpected. We offer tailored programs for all types of businesses and professions in McAllen, TX, the entire Rio Grande Valley and the great State of Texas

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