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Are You Responsible For Injuries To A Contractor?

Your landscaper falls from your tree while he is pruning it, and the injuries send him to the hospital. His medical bills are about $5,000 and he does not have any insurance. Will your homeowner's insurance cover you if the worker decides to file a lawsuit?

Most homeowners do not fully understand that they could be liable for damages from a maid, landscaper, or contractor if they are injured on the homeowner’s property. Homeowner’s insurance is designed to cover you for losses to third parties when you are responsible for the injury. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover business operations.

How to make sure you are protected

  • Make sure all contractors have liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

  • Understand the difference between an employee and contractor.

  • When it comes to coverage for home workers, every homeowner's insurance policy is different. Your policy may include a provision that provides limited coverage for minor workers performing lawn mowing or other tasks that require the use of power tools on your property.

  • Your homeowner’s insurance policy may specifically exclude domestic workers such as nannies or maids.

  • If you discover that your homeowner's policy offers limited or no liability coverage for workers, you may consider purchasing additional liability insurance.

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