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Boating Safety Tips For Everyone

Summer is here, and everyone wants to get out of the house. Boating can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Here are a few tips to make your boating experience better.

Respect the authority of your state and municipal governments. Please do not use a beach, boat ramp, or marina that is closed. If you're unsure about the current regulations or limits in your boating area, call your state's boating department and inquire about access points and other pertinent information.

When operating a boat, you must have your boater license on you, just like when driving. If you're stopped by the police, they may ask to view it, as well as any other personal identification you have.

In shallow waters, always proceed gently and be aware of other watercraft, paddlers, and swimmers. Collisions with other vessels were the most common type of boating accident in 2020.

Boating should not be combined with the use of drugs or alcohol. Alcohol or drug usage is considered to have had a part in approximately 24 percent of boating deaths, according to reportable boating fatality statistics.

Maintain all needed boating safety equipment, such as life jackets, flares, navigation lights, extra water and food, a horn or whistle, a first aid kit, and everything else on your pre-departure checklist.

Don’t forget life vests for each person on the boat. In fatal boating accidents, the leading cause of death is drowning.

If you or someone in your group is sick or believes they have been exposed to someone who is sick, don't go out on the water.

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