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Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Damage Done During a Protest or Riot?

Recently we have seen streets filled with damaged vehicles. Damage can be a simple scratch, windshield damage, or even a fire. The question is, “Are these kinds of losses covered under a standard auto policy?”

It is normal for people to be worried about their cars if they live in an area with ongoing riots. Insurance coverage that covers acts of vandalism is not part of the auto liability insurance.

According to the industry-backed Insurance Information Institute, this type of damage typically is covered under optional comprehensive insurance plans. This coverage provides reimbursement for damage to the vehicle and its contents caused by fire, falling objects, vandalism, or rioting.

Approximately two-thirds of policyholders have this coverage. However, each policy is different, so the actual coverage will depend on your individual auto policy terms and conditions.

A Few Things to Remember

  • If the damage is covered, it will be subject to your policy deductible.

  • You should report the claim as soon as possible, especially if someone were injured.

  • Windshield or glass claims are often covered on a first-dollar basis with no deductible. However, they can also contribute to increased rates.

  • Collision coverage may apply if the vehicle was moving during the time of the damage.

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