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Running Out Of Quarantine Activities? Here Are Some Fun Ideas

While most of us are sheltering at home, hoping the COVID-19 pandemic passes as soon as possible, adjusting to a life of social distancing can be a challenge.

If you are getting to the point of running out of things to do, here are a few ideas to help you manage your time.

  • Set up a schedule for your kids that might include times for reading, schoolwork, exercise, and game time. Having a set routine can help maintain a sense of normalcy.

  • Schedule a “family happy hour” each evening before dinner. Use it as a time to talk about what is going on, future plans, or share fun family traditions.

  • Teach your kids to cook.

  • Have a family movie night with popcorn.

  • Set up an exercise routine. Run up and down the stairs.

  • Choose one room in your home to thoroughly clean and organize.

  • If the weather is pleasant, playing outside in your yard is a terrific option.

  • Take time each day to share something for which you are thankful. It can be difficult to deal with all the negative news right now, so share something positive.

  • Check out a video of people showing solidarity during this pandemic or read a positive story that you found online.

  • Take care of your physical health. Get the appropriate amount of sleep and exercise, and practice ways to reduce anxiety such as meditation, yoga, or listening to music.

  • Get out all those old-fashioned board games or play an electronic game or two. This would also be a great time to watch old family videos. Connecting with happier times is always good for our mental health.

  • Limit the news. For your own mental health and the mental health of your children, limit the intake of news.

  • Connect with old friends or family members via phone calls or video chat.

  • Plant a garden. Garden centers are open, and many are offering curbside service or home deliveries.

  • Clean out your garage and prepare unused items for a garage sale or donation.

  • Camp out in the back yard.

  • Make a family COVID-19 bracelet.

  • Listen to a podcast. To say that podcasts are having a moment is a massive understatement. There are wide ranges of podcasts available for listening enjoyment, including comedy, inspirational, self-help, or career guidance.

  • Learn a new craft. Have you ever wanted to learn to knit, crochet, or do woodworking? Now maybe the perfect time to learn a new skill. You can find plenty of instructions and YouTube videos online.

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