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Social Distancing and Summer Fun

We are living in a new world, and it requires a new way of thinking about summer activities. Many large events have been cancelled, and vacation plans have changed, but you can still have a great time with your family and friends this summer.

Social Distancing Fun:

  • Camp in your own back yard

  • Travel to the beach if it is open

  • Take a hike

  • Take a picnic to a lake

  • Enjoy an outside movie night

  • Host a virtual game night

  • Go fishing

  • Update your backyard

  • Complete home improvement projects

Remember To:

  • Wear a mask if it required

  • Wash your hands

  • Maintain social distance. As you go about your life and errands, do your best to keep a distance of 6 feet

Who knows how long we will have to practice social distancing during the pandemic, but at least with these suggestions, you can still have fun while maintaining your six-foot bubble.

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