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Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance

We at Shepard Insurance work hard to find our clients the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service when it comes to your auto insurance. We know that buying insurance can be complicated, and we try to make it as easy as possible to get the coverage you need.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your auto insurance

  • Some companies offer different discounts. We can help you understand these.

  • Prices vary between insurers.

  • Some companies offer discounts to senior drivers.

  • Consider your deductibles. If you own an older vehicle, it may pay to increase your deductible.

  • Many companies offer loyalty discounts for people who renew their coverage.

  • Better drivers tend to get better rates.

Our team wants to help you get the coverage you need for a price you can afford, and we are happy to help you find the right premium to deductible balance for your car insurance.

Shepard Insurance Agency understands that your property is a very important part of your life. In fact, the single biggest investment you may ever make is your home. Are you sure you have adequately protected your home and other properties?

We offer property insurance products to customers in McAllen, TX, the entire Rio Grande Valley and the great State of Texas.

Call us at (956) 686-3888 or start a Free Rate Quote.

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