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Tips for Working at Home

Does COVID-19 Have You Working From Home?

Due to the stay at home mandate, there are many people who are working remotely these days. It appears this mandate will last at least another month. Many people have thought that working remotely would be great, but working remotely is a double-edge sword. Sure, you get to stay home, but studies show that it can be harder to focus on work.

Benefits of Working Remotely:

  • Remote employees tend to be more productive

  • Remote workers cost employers less

  • Remote employees tend to be happier and more satisfied

  • Remote workers have a better work/life balance

Remote Workers Need to Be Aware of These Challenges:

  • Lack of a work routine

  • Tendency to over-work

  • Lack of human interaction

  • Prioritizing a work project

  • Interruptions from family, pets, phone calls, and the doorbell

How to Make Working Remotely Work for You

  • Confine your workspace to a specific area in your home.

  • Set up your workspace like your office.

  • Set a schedule and create a routine.

  • When in doubt, go with over-communication; update your boss frequently on everything you are doing, and whether your schedule and deliverables are changing in any way.

  • After work, stay off electronic devices for some time to transition to “home time.”

  • Take regular breaks.

  • Get dressed every day. Taking the time to get dressed and perform your usual self-care routine can prove a big psychological booster.

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